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I found out about PN by chance one day and finally decided to try it out. I received my items in a couple hours and I'm definitely impressed at the delivery time! Thanks a bunch!!

Buy Neopoints, Neopets items and Neocash!

I bought a few things, and after a swift delivery, I know I will happily come back for all my NC and Neopoint needs!

Good Customer Service and Prices!

I come here for all of my neocash purchases, and I love this site! They have quick customer service and the best prices out there, and they always do their best to make a quick delivery. Thank you!


I've just recently gotten back into Neopets, and I figured I could use a boost. I was very nervous, but I was completely reassured by staff. They worked with me through the whole thing and helped me receive my items securely. I would definitely recommend this site, and I will be buying again soon! Thanks again!!

Amazing as Always ~

I have been a customer of Purchase Neopoints since 2014 and to this very day, they still amaze me! I have never been disappointed with my purchase at all! The turnaround can be a little ify at times but I was able to receive my item within 1 and a half days! They also have such fantastic customer support--always willing to help and always giving out such kind and sincere vibes. Thank you again! Will always use PN over any other site any day!

trustworthy service!

i decided to shop here one more time, and this time it took a few days for me to get my items, but they did arrive! i understand that the mods are more like a "middle man" and the cost is what you pay for them to get the item for you, not that they have them on hand (or at least none of the items i purchased) and bc of this, time varies greatly on when you may get your item bc it all depends on that third party person responding in a timely manner. My first purchase took only a few hours, so depending on what you get i guess its just luck of the draw! the mods have been very helpful so if you do plan on buying here i suppose just prepare yourself for a possible bit of a wait since there's no set time frame on receiving items!

Sorry about the wait! We had a bunch of orders, and some of the items were a bit hard to find. Hope to be quicker next time 🙂

quick and kind! ^u^

i wasnt sure what to make of this site tbh, but they kept communication up through emails and i got my item within a few hours! i'll definitely shop here again! ^u^


Site looks sketchy, only because there are no reviews or anything that specifies that you get you order automatically. I gave it a shot and it's awesome! Every other site wants 13.99 for zafara double agent plushie! great prices, fast service! They will email you back if you send a chat question!
You can also pay safely through paypal!
Totally recommend!
Thank you!!


Hands down, an amazing site. 🙂